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Pat Elliott

A dedicated husband and father of three, Pat strives to instill in his children the strong work ethic and drive to excel that have made him successful. These strong beliefs and values are most evident when looking at his professional pursuits. Pat has been in marketing and sales for 15 years. He enjoys nothing more than getting a good product in front of lots of faces. He knows what is takes to see his clients succeed during their home sale or purchase.

You can tell a lot about a person by their hobbies. Pat enjoys water skiing, jet skiing, and fishing from his Lake Hartwell home.

"As with everything in life, the power to succeed comes from the effort you put forward." And for Pat, the power to succeed comes from the passion to accomplish whatever he sets his mind to. "What I do for a living is fun for me and I get to make other people smile." He understands focus and dedication are vital to the success of both his client's and himself.